P.O.S. production

The company was established in 2008, and trade internationally for example with China, Poland, Romania as well as our home market which is the Czech Republic. From the outset we focused on wood products and although that remains our core business, we have diversified over the years to include P.O.S. product which we can supply in wood, metal and plastic..

The products are manufactured to suit the individual needs of our customers using modern technology.

We produce:

  • non-standard commercial equipment
  • advertising and exhibition equipment
  • branded under the brand racks for placement in supermarkets
  • stands for advertising (pillars)
  • racks for glasses, clothes, price lists, greeting cards, food
  • turntables
  • hooks
  • grids
  • various wire products
  • powder coating (polymeric coating)
  • dispensers

We have equipment for bending, cutting, contact and seam welding wire and tube, quality surface preparation for painting …